Monday, 29 April 2013

Blue moon

Shirt: Edwards boutique. Shorts: Mooloola. Socks: Ebay. Shoes: Rubi
So this is the first time wearing these boots because i never really had anything to wear them with, same goes for the shorts which i was always deciding whether or not i really did like them on me because of the flare, which completely shows off my entire legs (including bum) so it wasnt until i paired them together that i really saw how good they look - especially paired with black which goes with everything!! The sequin detail on the shorts give it that extra touch of unique and can be worn day, like this, or night xxx

Friday, 26 April 2013


Dress: Factorie. Shoes: Pulp. Sunglasses: urban outfitters. Necklace: Lovisa.
This look just proves how easy it is to put together a simple but stylish outfit! Im barely wearing anything at all, you just need a basic dress, pair of boots, some sunglasses and to top it off, a long necklace and your done!! None of this over-accessorizing business with layers and layers of clothes which are just going to make you uncomfortable, or staring at your overflowing wardrobe for half an hour with nothing to wear.. Winning xxx

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The road to nowhere..

Floral Headress: Ebay. Dress: Blurr. Socks: Ebay. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 'Litas.'
So the other day, i recieved this beautiful home made headress in the mail, which i purchased through ebay, the seller is wonderful - she makes all the headresses herself, check her out - ( This hair piece just brings this simple outfit to life and just adds colour to the whole look, plus horay for my first Jeffrey Campbell purchase and no more buying the cheap fakes on Ebay... Well maybe. xxx

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Summer Lovin'

Shirt: Vintage/Op-shop. Shorts: Lee. Shoes: Vintage/Op-shop. Socks: Ebay. Sunglasses: Zero UV.

So clearly i'm a fan of the summery vintage look. There's nothing better than going to Vinnies and finding something you adore, so when i found these cute black suede shoes, (which are nothing less than spectacular), i just had to have them! comfy, trendy and at a low price of only $8, winning! xxx

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Military Mad.

Crop top: Mink Pink. Skirt: Hand-made. Military Vest: Jay Jays. Shoes: Vintage/op-shop. Accessories: Lovisa

You cant go wrong with the simple high waist and crop top combo, so this is exactly what i did, adding a cute military vest fresh off the sale rack to spice it up and give this duo some colour + my vintage boots that just about go with everything! There's something i quite like about this military style, and this vest brought to my attention i need more, so i will be keeping my eye out for more camo green.. Help?! xxx

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Miss Daisy

Hat: Jay Jays. Sunglasses: Ebay. Top: Picnic. Shorts: Harvey Who. Shoes: Ice.
This look is very much Dukes Of Hazard inspired - Daisy being the inspiration. Although i'm not lucky enough to be blessed with her perfection, i made it work by matching this tight floral button up, cute high wasted shorts, cream wedges, and to top it off, vintage cat eyes and a floppy hat. Although the Summer is over for now, this outfit brings back the warm vibes that make you feel great! xxx

Friday, 5 April 2013

Sunless Saturdays

Shirt: Thrifted/op shop. Jeans: Cheap Monday. Shoes: Pulp. Sunglasses: Zero UV.

So on this fine overcast Saturday, i whipped up this outfit with no particular place to go but the muddy grounds of my backyard. I recently just purchased these cut-out boots and i just had to show them off! So cheers to the weekend and my first ever post with more to come, yay xxx